Velociraptor 2

A Velociraptor drawn by an artist.

Velociraptor is a bipedal carnivore.It belongs to the Dromaedosaurid subspecies.


Velociraptors are skinny and fast. Their snouts are long , alowing them to eat easily, ant their tail is big, so they can balance while running at great speeds. They were about 6.8 feet long without the tail, and roughly the height of a grown human. Their skull would grow 25 cm in lenght, but the most iconic body part of the species is the long big toe, alowing it to jump high in to the air.


Some scientist speculate that Velociraptors, alongside other Dromaeosaurids, had feathers with complete wings.
Velociraptor feathers

A Velociraptor with feathers


Velociraptors would hunt in groups of about five to ten members. They would work together to take down prey by surrounding it and jumpig on it, trying to damage the neck. Once the prey is down, the alpha males would eat first, then females, and the children would eat last.They would occasionly steal eggs from other species, but would rarely attack large carnivores.


- Velociraptor is a merge of two latin words: Veloci (Speedy) and raptor (Hunter,Thief).

- The first Fossil of the Velociraptor species were found in 1924 in the Gobi Desert