Tyrannosaurus Rex 3

A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosourus Rex is a bipedal carnivore.


Tyrannosaurus Rex (also known as T-Rex) is a large bipedal carnivore. It is around 6 meters high and 12 meters long (with the tail) It had small arms with two fingers and a large, kind of cubical head. Most of the upper teeth would cower the lower jaw.It`s long tail was used for balance. It wasn`t able to see colors, so it`s vision was based on movement alowing prey to escape just by standing still.


T-Rexes were rouges. The male would leave the female forever after breeding, and the female would leave the babies after they grow up. The babies will hunt in groups until they are fully grown. The T-Rex would atack like most of today`s animals, simply trying to suffocate it by biting the prey for the neck. If the prey was small it would shake it ti ripp it apart, like today`s crocodiles do.

T-Rex Egg

Tyrannosaurus Rex eggs restored in a museum.


It lived in some parts of North America, inhabbiting plains and beaches.


- The word "Rex" in T-Rex`s name stands for "crown" or "king".

- Even dough it`s represented as a hunters, T-Rexes were mostly voltures.



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