Triceratops 1

A Triceratops drawn by an artist.

Triceratops is a large, quadripedal herbivore.


Triceratops is a large quadripedal herbivore.The spikes on it`s head are used in terms of attack. The tail is used for balance. It was pretty fast, alowing it to escape or charge at enemies.The large "shield" on it`s head was tought to be used in terms of defens, dough it might have been used for impressing females.


Triceratops would live in large herds.The would live commonly with each other, but would attack anything else, like today`s Rinoceros. They ate grass and reacheble leaves. Some herds would accept some of the other species, like Ankylosaurus.
Triceratops mount

A Triceratops fossil.


Triceratops were found in some parts of North America, mostly inhabbiting plains and lakesides.

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