Velociraptor 1

A Velociraptor, a small carnivore as he appears in the movie Jurrasic park.

Dinosaurs are large reptiles that used to inhabbit the planet.

What are dinosaurs?Edit

Dinosaurs are prehistoric lizards, from witch most of them are bigger than humans. The word "Dinosaur" is a merge of two latin words: Dino (Big,Large) and Saurus (Reptile,Lizard).

What do we know about them?Edit

We know they inhabited the earth for about a hundred million years. There are currently about seven hundred specieas of dinosaurs discovered, the most popular being Tyrannosaurus rex. We know how they lived, looked, and what they ate from their fossils, but we don`t know their skin collor of the number of the subspecies that existed. The carnivores of the species were fast, and mostly bipedal, while the herbrivores were either quadripedal, slow and bulky, quadripeadal, fast and weak or bipedal with some form of defense. There were also flying carnivores that were smaller than the others and their diet would consist of dead dinosaurs or fish.

What happend?Edit

We aren`t sure what hapend to dinosaurs and caused their extinction. The most popular theorie is that a large meteorite struck and made a huge amount of smog, blocking away the sun. Then all the plants died, and the dinosaurs either died out of hunger or suffocated.