Brachiosaurus 1

A Brachiosaurus picture.

Brachiosaurus is a large, quadripedal herbivore. It belongs to the Sauropod subspecies.


Brachiosaurus was a large, quadripedal herbivore. It had a extremly long neck, allowing it to reach leaves so it can eat them. It would weigh arround 30-40 metric tons. But, the most iconic body part of Brachiosaurus was It`s chrest, whitch most Sauropods didn`t have.

Neck problemsEdit

Some scientists speculate that Brachiosaurus, along with other Sauropods, couldn`t strech their neck up high and would keep them close to the ground.


Brachiosaurus would live in large herds, with about 50-100 members. It would be peacefull unless provoked in some way egs. attacked. It would use It`s tail in terms of defense. It mostly fed on leaves, but did not 

Brachiosaurus mount

A Brachiosaurus fossil.

eat grass.


Brachiosaurus would inhabbit some parts of North America, inhabbiting forests and lakesides.